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Pub responds to negative Facebook reviews by getting them printed on staff uniforms


Pub responds to negative reviews by getting them printed on staff uniforms
The Assembly’s owners have printed t-shirts, complete with customer complaints (Picture: Mercury)

A new pub has hit back at moaning customers complaining on social media by printing their negative comments on staff t-shirts.

The Assembly in Urmston, Greater Manchester, opened three weeks ago and owners Sean and Sophie Robinson were shocked to see people complaining about the prices of their craft beers on Facebook.

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One of the comments complained their father had been ‘financially assaulted’ at the bar for having to pay £6.70 a pint whilst others branded the owners ‘hipsters’.

Prices of some specialist beers can reach an eye-watering £7 for a pint but Sean argues customers do not have to drink there or pay the price if they don’t want to.

The 32-year-old said: ‘We saw it all kicking off in the local Facebook group about our bar. We have only been open three weeks and the feedback at the bar is 99% positive.

MERCURY PRESS. 12.03.18. Urmston, UK. (Pictured: The Assembly owner Sean Reynolds, 32. ) Two bar owners had the perfect response to negative social media comments about their bar by printing them on the back of their uniform. Sean Robinson, 32, and his wife Sophie, 30 decided to see the funny side of the negative comments that were made after customers complained the price of a pint of beer was too high. The Assembly, in Urmston, Greater Manchester, which specialises in craft beers offers beer lovers the chance to sample new beers in either a thirds, half or full pint, with a majority of customers preferring to try several different beers rather than sticking to pints of one beer. Although the price of a pint can sometimes reach ?7 Sean argues that the prices are clearly marked and customers do not have to drink there or pay the price if they don't want to. SEE MERCURY COPY
The Assembly owner Sean Robinson has got t-shirts with negative customers comments printed (Picture: Mercury)

‘You can either ignore it and stay quiet, you can defend yourself and get in too deep or you can take the humorous side. So I went to the t-shirt printers.’

‘I think people are seeing the funny side of it. A few of the people who have their complaints on the shirt messaged us and said they had been in a few more times since and there were no hard feelings.’

‘A majority of our customers want to try more than one or two beers and they make their way around the board.

‘As our customers want to try a few beers they just have a third of a pint so they can taste it. We sell all of our drinks in thirds, halves and pints.

‘Obviously the prices reflect the alcoholic content and other quality factors. We’re still cheaper than some places in the city centre.’

The dad-of-one hopes the t-shirts will show complainers how their comments are public and can ultimately be damaging for a small business.

Sean said: ‘The t-shirt is also a lesson to remind people that they are posting in a public forum.

‘You’re saying it in a group with over 40,000 members and people forget that it is public.

‘It can be damaging to a business. It only took two days for someone to complain about the price of the beer.’

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