Someone found this in the government advice for British residents it is deporting to Jamaica


The government has put together a helpful document for British residents it is deporting to Jamaica.

Its called Coming home to Jamaica and this is how it starts.

This guide has been put together through the collaboration of several dedicated Jamaican charities and non-governmental organisations with the support of the British High Commission in Kingston and the Ministry of National Security. The guide also compliments the Coming Home to Jamaica DVD.
We hope that you find it useful as you prepare for your return to Jamaica and re-settle back on this beautiful, diverse island!

But this is the bit that went viral because, well, see for yourself.

If, after living in the UK for half a century, you are deported "back" to Jamaica, HM Govt gives you a helpful little booklet telling you to fake a Jamaican accent if you don't have one.

The sort of generous, thoughtful gesture that puts a lump in your throat.

— Seamas It Ever Was (@shockproofbeats) April 16, 2018

The Home Office has – helpfully – provided travel advice for those long-term British residents it's deporting to Jamaica, including "trying to be Jamaican" by "using local accents and dialects." Yes, this is real.

— Thomas Colson (@tpgcolson) April 16, 2018

This is insane. We need to know:
Who wrote this.
Who approved it.
Who was involved in business planning where producing this was an item.
They then need to appear in public to be questioned on their actions.

— bicinealta (@bicinealta) April 16, 2018

god. and there's a section on mental health recommending that you 'develop supportive relationships where you can: contact family members and friends and establish supportive and healthy relationships' as if people are not being deported AWAY from those things

— lucy u (@lplnts) April 16, 2018

You can read the whole thing here.

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