Cold snap forecast to bring coldest day so far this year


Sydney is set to shiver through its coldest day so far this year, with the cold snap also forecast to bring a generous dusting of snow to the NSW ski resorts.

The city is forecast to reach a top of 14 degrees on Sunday, as is Penrith and Liverpool, but Weatherzone forecaster Kim Westcott said it would feel even colder thanks to the wind.

Winter kayaking at Bondi Beach.

Photo: Jessica Hromas

"Even though it's mostly sunny, we've got a big pool of cold air from several cold fronts passing over Victoria and southern NSW," she said.

"The winds will be quite dry at times so it will actually feel a lot colder as well."

Winds are expected to peak on Friday, with west/north-westerly winds forecast to reach 40km/h.


"We'll see … a little bit of that wind coming through, so over the next few days we'll notice it's a little bit more windy than it has been," Ms Westcott said.

The cold fronts passing through south-eastern Australia will bring more than 50 centimetres of snow to the ski resorts.

Photo: Thredbo

The coldest day so far this year was June 5, with a top of 15.1 degrees recorded at Observatory Hill.

Thankfully, Sunday will be the coldest day "for quite some time", Ms Westcott said, with rain forecast for next week, which should bring slightly warmer conditions.

The cold fronts will also bring snowfall to the alpine region every day until early next week, she said.

"For the alpine region, we'll expect a majority of the snow to fall on Friday and Saturday.

"Until about Tuesday, when it starts to ease off, we can expect snowfall each day so generally about the resorts and maybe slightly lower on Sunday."

It's forecast to snow everyday until Tuesday next week.

Photo: Thredbo Resort

While it's not forecast to snow too much on Sunday, it could snow down to between 600 and 900 metres.

"Overall we could see around 50 centimetres, maybe even a little bit more, over the resorts; which is a pretty good start to the snow base," Ms Westcott said.

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Rachel Clun

Rachel Clun is a reporter at the Sydney Morning Herald. She was previously a reporter with the Brisbane Times and Domain.

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