Man’s best friend? AI could create 7.2m jobs by 2030


While many of us fear a dystopian future in which employees will replace us with robots, a new report suggests that artificial intelligence (AI) could in fact create as many jobs as it displaces.

Findings from Big Four accountancy firm PwC show that around 7.2m jobs could be created over the next 20 years, a slight edge on the 7m job losses also predicted in the report.

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John Hawksworth, chief economist at PwC, told City A.M: "We have estimated that AI could have a positive effect on GDP by 2030. That extra growth GDP will mean peoples incomes are higher, create demand for goods and services which will require more people to meet those services."

PwC predicts that the health sector will see the biggest boost from greater developments in AI, with an estimated 22 per cent rise in jobs.

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Meanwhile, manufacturing and transportation and storage sectors are suspected to suffer the greatest fall in employment levels "as driverless vehicles roll out across the economy and factories and warehouses become increasingly automated", according to Hawksworth.

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