Nintendos next Labo kit coming in Sept, looks like next-gen Pilotwings

  • Comes with everything seen here (albeit in fold-it-yourself fashion) Nintendo
  • Some assembly required.
  • Once you're done folding, steer and pedal with all your new cardboard-and-controller toys.
  • Want to crash into water? Go ahead…
  • …so long as you move your "Toy-Con Key" from the flight stick to the submarine wheel.
  • At that point, your in-game vehicle transforms.
  • Now you can deep-sea dive!
  • The wheel, as assembled. This looks quite similar to the Variety Kit wheel, though it includes a new string-loaded mechanism to yank on.
  • The Toy-Con flight stick.
  • The Toy-Con submarine wheel.
  • In two-player mode, one person steers; the other person aims and shoots.
  • Race in a plane.
  • Race in a car, as well.
  • Car attachments include this tree-chopping blade.
  • You might be able to make out the car beneath that giant head; this looks like a drag-to-its-owner kind of quest (and illustrates the variety to expect in the giant, drive/swim/fly world).
  • A hint of a versus car-combat mode. This may require two Vehicle Kits, much like the Robot Kit's versus mode.
  • Flight!
  • Elsewhere on the island, expect big cityscapes.

Despite anecdotal evidence that Nintendo's cardboard-filled Labo series hasn't yet sold gangbusters, the Japanese game maker is apparently going full-speed ahead with the weird series.

Nintendo took a late-Thursday opportunity to unveil the Labo Vehicle Kit, coming this September to Nintendo Switch. The $69.99 product will include three separate build-your-own steering chassis: the Toy-Con Car, Toy-Con Plane, and Toy-Con Submarine. (Toy-Con is Nintendo's term for toys that combine folded cardboard pieces and Switch Joy-Con controllers.)

From the look of today's reveal video, all three vehicles will be used to fly around a brand-new virtual island—meaning, not Wuhu Island, which was introduced in Pilotwings Resort and Wii Sports Resort. Players will be able to swap between the vehicles on the fly by switching a cardboard-and-controller "key" from one steering device to the next, while a second player will be able to join in by grabbing an additional cardboard aiming device to man a toy turret on whatever vehicle is in action.

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit trailer

The teaser video includes hints of kart racing, target practice, and other mini-games scattered around the island—which may help the product feel more like a fully fledged game, as opposed to the scattered elements of the Variety Kit and the slim-and-simple arcade mode of the Robot Kit. We're hopeful the end result will feel like the true Pilotwings successor we've been wanting for years (though, admittedly, Pilotwings Resort on 3DS tided us over to some extent).

Listing image by Nintendo

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