McDonalds apologizes for denying fire crews drinks as they fought huge blaze


A UK McDonalds is being slammed for refusing to provide firefighters with refreshments as they fought a massive blaze nearby. Exhausted crews were turned away by staff, during the emergency callout, as they did not have cash.

Fire crews were called to the Clifton Moor retail park in York after a fire tore through a B&M outlet on Saturday at around 4.30 pm.

More than ten fire engines fought to save the store, with some crew members stopping by the McDonalds for a much-needed break. Without cash, fire crews asked if they could be provided their tea and coffee orders on the house, but staff refused.

A member of the public who overheard the discussion between crews and staff went home and returned with 16 cups to give to the emergency servicemen.

Honestly FUMING at this!! @McDonalds is this really how you treat your emergency services?! It was a hell of a fire,they never carry money or personal items for obvious reasons! Shame on Clifton Moor store,will not be off there again ?? (Post found on FB)

— Emily ??? (@EmziiBoo_) October 14, 2018

McDonald's manager at Clifton Moore refusing the fire fighters free tea and coffee after tackling a huge fire at the store over the road so the customers paid, shame in you and your shite burgers #McDonalds#burgerkingalltheway

— Dave Bramley (@d_bramley) October 14, 2018

@McDonaldsUK shame on you for refusing to give drinks to fire fighters at Clifton moor yesterday. Hand your heads in shame. Fire fighters don't carry cash when working. Time to boycott Clifton Moor restaurant.#McDonalds#CliftonMoor

— Michael (@adidas_mbc) October 14, 2018

The fire was extinguished shortly after and no casualties were reported… but it was Twitter that was ablaze with fury after social media got wind of McDonalds turning away the emergency crews.

@McDonalds Shame on your ignorant awful staff at Cilfton Moor refusing our great firemen refreshments following a big fireat B&M

— PAUL (@Pfearn2303) October 14, 2018

@McDonalds@McDonaldsUK certainly wont ever be going to McDonalds anymore, absolutely disgraceful, manager needs 2 b sacked, just hope u never need the firefighters help, refusing a free tea/coffee to them after fighting the fire and putting their lives on the line for hours.?

— David Church (@DJ7gaga) October 14, 2018

A spokesman for McDonald's told the Mirror Online that the restaurant chain values “the fantastic work of our emergency services and thanks the individuals that dedicate their lives to protecting our local community.”

The spokesman then apologized to the firefighters “who bravely tackled last nights fire,” adding that “they should have been provided with free refreshments on the night as a small recognition for their efforts.”

“McDonalds will of course be happy to reimburse the member of public involved and we will be in touch directly with our local fire & rescue service,” the spokesman added.

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