Centre-right Alliance takes power in Skåne


Henrik Fritzon, Region Skåne's outgoing Social Democrat chair. Photo: Emil Langvad/TT

Swedens centre-right Alliance bloc have seized back control of the southern county of Skåne after four years of Social Democrat rule.

Carl Johan Sonesson, from the centre-right Moderate Party, will become the new chair of the regions Executive Committee, taking over a post held by his father from 1998 to 2002.

“There is a lot to do after the Social Democrats rule,” Sonesson said after he was voted in by the regional assembly. “For that reason we are happy that we are taking over.”

He pointed to the poor regional finances, with the latest prognosis predicting that the regional government will end this year with a budget loss of 162m Swedish kronor.

“We are not taking over a table with a good spread, more one thats been completely cleared away,” he said.

The four Alliance parties will be in a minority it the regional parliament, with 62 of the 149 seats, compared to 57 for the three red-green parties, and 30 for the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats.

This means it will need to secure the support of at least 13 assembly members, from either the red-green bloc or from the Sweden Democrats, to pass any legislation.

Henrik Fritzon, the region's outgoing Social Democrat chair, said he regretted that it had been impossible to strike a deal between the two blocs to prevent the Sweden Democrats gaining influence.

“We wanted to cooperate across the bloc divide, but it didnt work out that way,” he said. “We think that it is a shame that it didnt happen, but we are happy to be in opposition today.”