The next time Jacob Rees-Mogg is given screen time, I will break the television


Jacob Rees-Mogg is not only, by self-definition, a democrat, he is also a mind-reader

My wife has taken to keeping Lucretius’s On The Nature Of Things by her bedside. I don’t know what this signifies, but I’ve responded with Seneca’s Moral And Political Essays. I’m only dipping in at the moment, but already I’ve found the following: “The best should be preferred by the majority and instead the populace chooses the worst.”

Just another 1st-century metropolitan elitist, you might think, but mistrusting majority opinion doesn’t necessarily equate with looking down on people. In a letter to Lucilius, procurator of Sicily, Seneca warned against condescension. “You must inevitably either hate or imitate the world. But the right thing is to shun both courses: you should neither become like the bad because they are many, nor be an enemy of the many because they are unlike you.”

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