Female trains in Thomas the Tank? Political correctness is back – and I love it | Jack Bernhardt


Bring on Thomas’s new friends. Political correctness doesn’t ruin kids’ TV – or comedy: it’s a chance to explore what it’s like to live in Britain today

Bad news everyone – that bleedin’ political correctness has gone mad again. I know, you thought we killed off political correctness on 23 June 2016, along with open borders, economic security and a modicum of respect for people who don’t look exactly like Robert from the original Guess Who board game. But it turns out that political correctness was only wounded. It’s back. And according to the experts in identifying the madness of political correctness (that is, Daily Mail commenters and Twitter users whose avatars are British bulldogs waving union jacks), it’s ruining everything you love.

It started, as these things always do, with a children’s animated TV show. If you didn’t know, Thomas the Tank Engine is dumping two male trains in favour of two female trains in its next series, and the reaction has been, as you’d expect, a healthy dose of frothing at the mouth.

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