Jane Weaver review – beguiling sprirtual medium for immaculate psychedelia


Ramsgate Music Hall
The singer’s clear, resonant voice was perfectly framed by an intimate venue that brought out the swarming intricacies of her hallucinatory disco-folk

Certain English female singing voices make a direct grab for the central nervous system. From Sandy Denny to Sarah Nixey, Maddy Prior to Sarah Cracknell and Trish Keenan, they’re a little wistful, a little old fashioned and entirely enthralling. Jane Weaver’s voice is among them: capable of a clear, resonant stillness one moment, the next bringing a wonderful bruised depth to her disco folk.

Tonight, at this tiny venue (the stage so poky she decides to dispense with the rigmarole of going on and off for the encore, choosing simply just to pick back up and play on), Weaver’s voice is perfectly framed. The sound is immaculate, allowing for every intimacy of her intonation.

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