NBN blame game continues as Kevin Rudd weighs in – politics live


The Turnbull government defends broadband changes, blaming Labor for ‘train wreck’, while estimates hearings continue. Follow all the day’s events

Mitch Fifield was on Today explaining why the NBN back and forth was not a blame game, because it was Labor’s fault.

“It’s not a matter of playing the blame game, what we inherited from Labor was essentially a failed project.

Kevin Rudd returned to the Sunrise couch this morning. Other than giving brief descriptions of former colleagues and rivals (Mark Latham: slightly mad, Julia Gillard: doing well, Joe Hockey: good bloke) he also spoke about how he thought he handled the pressure of politics:

It honestly depends on the day. The thing I would say to bear in mind is that within six months of taking over we have the avalanche of the GFC, the global financial crisis. To put it in these terms we did two jobs at once. We got elected six months also before with a mandate for change in 40 or 50 different areas, chugging our way through that, I took my word to the Australian people seriously and then the tidal wave GFC comes. It was like you had that job, 12 hours a day, then the rest of it. The honest answer is many of us did not sleep much. Tough time.”

What I would say to that is, who do you work most closely with? Your own staff. When I came back as prime minister, my own staff came back with me, people who worked for me for years. When people knife you in the back, which is what happened, they will invent their own narratives and say he was a nasty person to me, he didn’t smile at me in the lift one morning. Well, grow up.”

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