Google investigating Pixel 2 XL screen ‘burn-in’


Google is investigating reports the screens of its new Pixel 2 XL smartphones are showing 'burn-in' after only a few weeks of use.

Screen burn-in is a permanent discolouration of a display which can be caused by issues with the light-emitting diodes or the glass itself.

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Images posted on Twitter by Android blogger Justin Duino appear to show signs of discolouration when the device is turned off.

Other users of Twitter also responded with images of their stained devices.

The issue does not seem to be affecting the smaller of Google's new devices, the Pixel 2.

Marc Springer also posted an image of what he claimed was a three-week-old Pixel 1 which looked as if it was suffering discolourations.

A Google spokesperson told Sky News the company was investigating the reports, and said that the screens for the Pixel phones used new POLED technology, with a plastic base layer rather than glass.

"We put all of our products through extensive quality testing before launch and in the manufacturing of every unit. We are actively investigating this report," the spokesperson said.

The claims about the smartphones follow a software bug in Google's Home Mini smart speaker which left devices recording everything, almost constantly, and transmitting those recordings to Google's servers.

There have also been other reports – believed to only be affecting the US – of Google customers attempting to obtain phones over the internet being offered free customised Live Cases with their Pixel 2 phones due to supply delays.

Google told Sky News that customers in the UK will be receiving their devices on the date they have been given.

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