Tim Peake webchat – post your questions now


The British astronaut hasn’t only been to space – he’s run a marathon and presented a Brit award in space, too. Ahead of his new book, Ask an Astronaut, we’ll be joining him to answer your questions on Thursday 26 October at 1.30pm

Until the day that Elon Musk starts selling supersaver returns on his proposed moon shuttle, Tim Peake has experienced something that 99.999 per cent of us never will: a trip into space. As only the seventh Briton to breach the exosphere, former Army helicopter pilot Peake has understandably become something of a national celebrity since his six-month sojourn on the International Space Station in 2015-16.

During his time on the ISS, Peake orbited the earth approximately 3000 times – so he can probably answer once and for all the question of whether or not you can see Kanye West’s ego from space. He also did a spacewalk, ran a marathon (on a treadmill), cooked scrambled eggs and presented a Brit award to a tearful Adele. Have the two hooked up again back on earth? What about ‘rocket man’ Elton John, who sent Peake a message of support? Does he only listen to space-themed music, as suggested by his choice of Coldplay’s A Sky Full of Stars as his blast-off tune? Or is Peake a secret road rap fan?

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