Rita Ora on breakups and burnout: ‘There were helicopters. I woke up in hospital’


A legal tangle with Jay-Z couldn’t stop the former child refugee from earning millions as a singer, actor and presenter – but exhaustion did. She discusses how hard it is to have it all, and why she worked with the notorious Terry Richardson

“My meltdown was when I was 25,” Rita Ora declares. “Do you want a sandwich?”

We are a mere two minutes into a conversation in a portable cabin near a sound stage in Acton, west London, five minutes’ walk from the real-life Apprentice Cafe Of Doom. Rita is shooting a promo clip, involving a cast of dozens and a stint in a red Ferrari, for her forthcoming presenting gig at the MTV Europe Music Awards (EMAs), and somehow we have gone from discussing the ad’s storyboard, to the topic of whether or not autumn is the best season, to Rita’s birthday being in November, which leads her to speculate over whether or not she will join the 27 club. And now, in a chat that has escalated as quickly as the early stages of Rita’s career, we are discussing meltdowns. “My 25 was shit,” she adds. “My 26 is OK.”

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