The Unexpected Truth About Animals by Lucy Cooke – digested read


‘Penguins? A bunch of pathological narcissists. Pandas? Addicted to three-way sex. Toads? Complete bastards’

Scientists have been misunderstanding animals for centuries. We viewthe animal kingdom through the prism of our own rather narrow existence. This has got to stop. It is driving many creatures into therapy. Bats are literally going bats. We need to open our minds – and let them tell their own stories.

Beaver My name is Beaver and I’m a beaver. If I hear one more story about how I like to chew off my own gonads and throw them at people, I’m going to shoot myself. My reproductive organs are just configured differently. I can’t help it if my balls smell so great that Givenchy use them in their perfumes. But do stop bigging up my achievements. Basically, we beavers are a bit thick. It’s pure luck we don’t get squashed by more trees. Play us the sound of running water and we’ll start building you a dam.

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