iPhone battery explosion forces evacuation of Zurich Apple store and leaves one staff member injured


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iPhone battery explosion burns shopworker and forces evacuation of Apple Store
Photo: (Andrey Rudakov/Bloomberg via Getty Images

An iPhone battery exploded and prompted the evacuation of 50 staff and customers at an Apple store in central Zurich.

A store employee suffered minor burns and seven people received medical treatment.

Marco Bisa of the Zurich police office said staff ‘responded well and correctly’ by sprinkling quartz sand on the overheating battery to contain the smoke, then opening ventilation systems to release it.

Police, firefighters, several ambulances and an emergency vehicle were deployed in response to the incident in the store’s workshop.

The injured employee sustained light injuries to the hand when the battery he was removing from the phone overheated.

Police forensic experts are examining what caused the battery to overheat.

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It’s very rare for an iPhone battery to explode so it’s very unlikely that Apple will have to follow in Samsung’s footsteps and recall its devices.

In 2016, Samsung told owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to return their phones after several dozen of them caught fire.

In 2015, one man claimed his iPhone became so hot he could ‘smell his body burning’.

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