Really bad job application filled out by Steve Jobs sells for $175,000


A job application filled out by former Apple chief executive Steve Jobs, who died in 2011, hs just been sold at auction for $174,757 (£125,728).

The questionnaire, completed by then-18-year-old Jobs in 1973, was snapped up by an anonymous London internet entrepreneur.

The man that would go on to revolutionise the tech industry with his co-founding of Apple signed the application "Steven jobs" [sic] and said his special abilities included "electronics, tech or design engineer".

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Steve Jobs' application sold for $174,757

Under interests, he wrote: "digital – from Bay near Hewitt-Packard" [sic]. Jobs scrawled "yes" next to computer and calculator skills, adding "design tech".

According to the form, he had a driver's license but and stated his access to transportation as "possible, but not probable".

Jobs gave his address on the application as Reed College, where he had begun studying English literature in 1972 but dropped out to preserve his parents' meagre amount of money.

He hung around campus for a year and a half after quitting to audit creative courses, including classes on Shakespeare, dance, and calligraphy.

Later, in 1974, Jobs secured a job as a technician at Atari, heavily relying on the help of Steve Wozniak who would become the other Apple co-founder.

Other Steve Jobs highlights from the Pop Culture sale by PR Auction, which began on 8 March and concluded yesterday, include a signed Apple Mac OS X technical manual which sold for $41,806, and a signed 2008 newspaper clipping which went for $26,950.

Jobs died at the age of 56 after a fight with cancer.

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