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Tesco issues no questions asked amnesty after spate of shopping basket thefts


Richard Hartley-Parkinson

Scottish island rocked by spate of thefts of Tesco shopping baskets
There have been 15 shopping basket thefts a week from the Isle of Lewis (Picture: Getty)

A supermarket on a Scottish island had had to stop offering shopping baskets after a series of thefts that saw 15 going missing every week.

The company said that there were more baskets on order for the shop on the Isle of Lewis but it would take six weeks before the baskets would arrive.

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Theyve offered the thieves a no questions asked amnesty on the shopping baskets.

Writing on Facebook, Stornoway Tesco said: We are very sorry to say that we are unable to provide our customers with shopping baskets due to them being taken from the store.

We are losing approx 15 baskets a week due to theft. We have more baskets on order but they take 6 weeks to arrive.

Scottish island rocked by spate of thefts of Tesco shopping baskets
The store on the Isle of Lewis has offered an amnesty to people who have stolen their baskets (Picture: Google Street View)

If anyone has a basket, can you please return them to the store. No questions asked on return!


Again apologies for the inconvenience this has caused for our customers. ?

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It is feared that the basket thefts may be in response to the 5p plastic bag charge that has been introduced.

People have suggested asking shoppers to pay a £2 deposit or putting security tags on them.

Catherine Fraser suggested what the thieves might be using them for.

She said: They are used a lot for gardening, growing young plants, some are used inside car boots for sorting out shopping into, some for storing shoes, toilet rolls, kitchen rolls, cat food in peoples houses, in sheds for storing paint tins, brushes, boys and pieces!

Derek Mackenzie says that the shopping baskets shouldnt be allowed to leave the store. He said: I was wondering where the baskets where. Its annoying not been able to get a basket especially if you just need a few things like milk and bread as the trolleys are no use.


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