#Romanovs100 & #1917LIVE to showcase at America’s biggest education forum SXSW EDU 2019


Educational history projects #Romanovs100 & #1917LIVE panel at Americas major education fair SXSW EDU will take place in March 2019.

SXSW EDU will run for the 9th time since 2011 when South by Southwest branched out into a separate education festival. A prestigious international platform, SXSW EDU supports the communitys desire to connect, collaborate and impact the future of education.

Thanks to a three-stage vote including an open vote, the team behind #Romanovs100 and #1917LIVE will host a panel at the festival in Texas in 2019. While historian Helen Rappaport will travel all the way from England, the project's other contributor, Artist Marina Amaral will fly over from Brazil.

Both projects are dedicated to Russian history, but work on reviving the events of early 20th century has become truly international with the Moscow-based team reaching out to professionals and history enthusiasts from all over the world. Award-winning #1917LIVE ran for a year in 2017 on Twitter, allowing any user to join as a historical character who lived through the Russian Revolution of 1917 and tweet on their behalf, as if social media existed 100 years ago.

It was followed by #Romanovs100 with accounts on 4 social networks reviewing the last decades of the Empire as seen through the lenses of the Romanov familys cameras, each platform showcasing its own narrative, format and content. #Romanovs100 features short documentary videos, original music, 100-year-old photos in spherical mobile view, digital colorization, an artwork contest, real-time blogs by historical characters, VR animation and more.

The team would like to thank everyone who cast their vote for the projects making this panel possible. #Romanovs100 shortly plan to release an original soundtrack with music written by prominent Russian musician, Peter Nalich. It will be available for download for free.

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