China shows its futuristic stealth drone in flight for the first time (VIDEO)


Beijing has released a video showing its cutting-edge Sky Hawk UAV in flight for the very first time. The experimental invisible military drone is designed to up Chinas game in combat and recon missions.

In a video released by the state broadcaster CCTV on Saturday, the drone can be seen lifting off from an airstrip and landing in an undisclosed location. The broadcast also contained animated footage of the aircraft maneuvering in the air and undergoing maintenance on the ground.

Developed by Chinas Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC), Sky Hawk reportedly saw its maiden flight back in February but no footage of it flying was shown until now.

The drone was unveiled during an airshow in Zhuhai in southern China in November. Its design has similarities to the iconic US B-2 stealth bomber. The UAVs purpose is reconnaissance and patrol missions “in hostile environments,” Chinese media reported.

The unusual shape makes it invisible for enemy radars and gives the drone “stronger capabilities of attack and defense” when deployed in combat, chief designer Ma Hongzhong said back in November.

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