Man accused of killing new wife after inserting barbed hook inside her during S&M session


Ralph Jankus is accused of killing his wife after she was left with severe internal injuries

Ralph Jankus is accused of killing his wife after she was left with severe internal injuries (Picture: CEN)

A man is accused of killing his wife in a 48-hour bondage sex session that left her with a perforated bowel, while on their honeymoon.

German national Ralph Jankus, 52, is in court facing manslaughter charges after his new wife Christel, 49, suffered severe internal injuries after a sharp object was put inside her.

Self-confessed sadomasochism lover, Jankus, told police the sex was consensual after he finally sought medical help for his wife after she allegedly suffered for four days.

But by the time she was treated, doctors said there was nothing that could be done to save her.

Forensics concluded the woman must have had a type of barbed hook inserted into her and when it was removed it caused a perforated bowel.

A public prosecutor at court in Krefeld, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, believes that Jankus must have been aware of how unwell his wife was and that her life was in danger.



The accused faces manslaughter charges and is being prosecuted for failing to call for help and allegedly leaving her injured for four days – although he claims he was not aware his wife was seriously ill.

Ralph Jankus wife Christel on their wedding day

Christel died eight days after she married to Jankus (Picture: CEN)

When he was questioned by police Jankus said he had been taking part in S and M sessions for the past thirty years.

Jankus told police he loved his wife dearly and that instead of going on honeymoon, they had enjoyed a steamy sex session lasting days.

He has reportedly admitted his wife had previously complained about discomfort, after the sex session, and had been to see an internal medicine specialist who carried out a colonoscopy.

He said doctors couldnt find anything wrong with his partner, who he had been with since 2011.

The victims 30-year-old son, who has not been named, claimed his mother had been abused as a child and was mentally unstable.

He claims his mother was dominated by her husband and had started wearing clothes that covered her up well.

Ralph Jankus on his wedding day

Jankus said they had been enjoying a consensual steamy sex session (Picture: CEN)

She had also allegedly reported abuse at the hands of her husband before they got married, in 2017, but later withdrew these allegations and spent some time in a psychiatric clinic.

Her son claims she fled to a womens shelter in 2018, before marrying her partner in July of the same year.

He added his mother had shown him bruises and she alleRead More – Source