Nintendos weird exercise ring is used to control a Switch RPG

  • Get up and move!
  • The foreign policy implications of this are immense.
  • "An evil body-building dragon named Drago" is the antagonist. You can't make this up… unless you're Nintendo.
  • To run, you run.
  • To swing, you squat
  • To jump, you point down and squeeze the Ring-Con.
  • HOLD!
  • HOLD!
  • To block enemy attacks, you press the Ring-Con agaisnt your abs.
  • Who doesn't love a good mini-game?
  • Ring Fit Adventures launches Oct. 18 for $80 with included accessories.

Last week, Nintendo threw up a vague and unexpected video showing people "moving their bodies, doing some kind of activity, and having a pretty good laugh," as the company now describes it. Today, Nintendo revealed more details about Ring Fit Adventure, a turn-based RPG that uses the flexible "Ring-Con" and a Joy-Con-equipped leg strap to transform physical activiRead More – Source