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Labour Party to push for 35-hour working week


File photo dated 13/7/2019 of Shadow chancellor John McDonnell, who has ruled out making deals with the SNP over a second independence referendum in exchange for supporting a Labour government. PA Photo. Issue date: Sunday September 8, 2019. Mr McDonnell was asked about his comments at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe that Labour would not block a second Scottish independence referendum and insisted "there are no deals whatsoever" with the SNP. See PA story POLITICS McDonnell. Photo credit should read: Kirsty O'Connor/PA Wire

Shadow chancellor John McDonnell has said Labour could implement a 35-hour week (Picture: PA)

Labour could implement a 35-hour working week if they won the next general election, the shadow chancellor has claimed.

John McDonnell said the party would look at trying to re-balance working hours by 2030, to allow workers a greater quality of life.

Speaking at the launch of an independent report he commissioned on how to achieve shorter working hours, he referenced the struggles long working hours can create.

He noted: Parents pass in the night between shifts and never have time together, just to ensure they can survive.

When pushed on whether a Labour government would introduce a four-day working week, he then added: Watch this space.

The report, created by Lord Skidelsky, also suggests the government should guarantee a job or training to any job-seeker who cannot find work in the private sector at a fixed hourly rate.



This should not be lower than the national living wage rate, it states.

FILE PHOTO: Britain's Labour Party leader, Jeremy Corbyn (R), stands with shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell, after his keynote speech at the party's conference in Liverpool, Britain September 26, 2016. REUTERS/Darren Staples/File Photo To match Special Report BRITAIN-EU/CORBYN

He said watch this space when asked about a four-day working week (Picture: Reuters)

McDonnell hailed the research findings as terrific, adding: A Labour government could in effect guarantee that people will have an income in the form of work or training.

We are committed to establishing a department of employment rights to ensure people are properly paid and have strong working rights.

When Labour are back into government, we are committing to a policy of full employment.

He then continued: I dont know when a general election is coming, as soon as possible as far as Im concerned, but after weve got a no-deal off of the table.

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