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91-year-old climate protester arrested near port of Dover


A 91-year-old man is among 10 people who have been arrested while taking part in a protest with climate activists Extinction Rebellion.

The pensioner was in a group of five, which also included an 83-year-old woman, who had broken away from a demonstration near the port of Dover that had been sanctioned by authorities in Kent.

Another five were detained after apparently attempting to superglue themselves to the A20 on the way into town.

Demonstrators had aimed to blockade Dover to highlight how vulnerable the UK's food supply is because of the climate crisis.

Climate activists glue themselves to A20

Chris Atkins from Extinction Rebellion Dover said: "As climate change develops, millions of ordinary Britons will face the real and growing threat of food shortages, hunger and starvation.


"Extreme storms and floods are already causing major crop failures across the world, with high temperatures also hitting livestock agriculture.

"This crisis may seem far away now but given the dependency of the UK on food imports we are extremely vulnerable.

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"The government must tell the truth and act now."

Last week, MPs released a report that spelled out the risk to food security from rising global temperatures, as the UK imports 48% of the food it consumes.

Extinction Rebellion's protest in the port of Dover
Image: Extinction Rebellion's protest in the port of Dover

Extinction Rebellion activists occupied one side of a dual carriageway in an attempt to stop traffic reaching the port, which is one of the main routes into the country for the UK's imported food.

Protesters were told they could demonstrate in the area cordoned off for their use, but they risked arrest if they tried to block the eastbound lane used by lorries to access the ferries.

Sky's Emma Birchley said she spoke to the 91-year-old just before he was arrested and he said the reason he was in Dover was because it was his generation that had caused the damage that led to climate change.

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