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Sinn Fein backs deal to restore powersharing to NI


Sinn Fein has agreed to back a deal to restore powersharing in Northern Ireland, ending a three-year deadlock.

The nationalist party signed up to the agreement after it was locked in talks with the DUP this week.

The latest development means the Assembly could sit later on Friday, although Saturday may be more realistic.

Sinn Fein's endorsement means the two parties will re-enter a mandatory coalition in Belfast.

Peace process structures mean a ministerial executive can only function with the inclusion of the largest unionist party and largest nationalist party in the region.


Making the announcement on Friday, Sinn Fein President Mary Lou McDonald said: "We now have the basis to restore powersharing, and we're up for that.

"There's no doubt there are serious challenges ahead; the impact of Brexit, austerity and other pressing issues.

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Image: Sinn Fein's backing means poweringsharing has returned to Stormont

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