Suspected Kansas City shooter could have been jailed on a prior gun charge. A gun law change set him free


Jahron Swift, 29, was found dead in a parking lot Sunday night after he pulled out a gun and opened fire while waiting in line at a bar Sunday night. Police said the bar's armed security guard engaged with Swift, shooting him dead. A 25-year-old woman was also found at the scene, she was identified as Raeven Parks. Fifteen other people were injured during the shooting. Court records show that Swift had two weapons charges in 2016 and 2017. The 2016 charge was for for unlawful use of a weapon and marijuana possession, according to court records. Swift was charged in 2017 with unlawful concealed carry, which could have revoked his probation on the previous charge and increased his chances of going to prison, Mike Mansur, Jackson County Prosecutor spokesman told CNN. However, the second charge came as Missouri legislators approved measures that permitted concealed weapons being carried without a permit. "I can't say that he would have been imprisoned but I can say that the change in the law assured that he would be free because that charge went away," Mansur said.As a result of this change, the second charge againRead More – Source