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Milkman stabbed in the stomach while on early morning round


A milkman in Cheshire has been stabbed during his early morning rounds, after refusing to give two young people a lift on his milk float, a farm boss has said.

The delivery driver, known only as Rob, was said to have sustained a cut to his stomach after the attack at around 4.45am on Friday in the village of Tarporley.

Police are investigating the incident.

He avoided a more severe injury due to the thickness of his coat, according to Edward Briscoe, the owner of Briscoes Dairy and Rob's employer.

He said: "Two youths, he reckons they were about 15 or 16, asked him for a lift down a country lane and he said he couldn't.


"It's an electric float, it doesn't have any passenger seats.

Image: The attack took place on Eaton Lane, Tarporley

"One of them tried to get a crate off the back and as Rob has gone round the back one of the lads has stabbed him."

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He added: "It's horrible to think there was intent there to really hurt someone.

"I dread to think what would have happened if he didn't have the thick coat on but I'm just so thankful he's not badly hurt."

Mr Briscoe also said that the two suspects made off through a gap in a hedge and through a muddy field.

He said they had asked for a lift to the nearby village of Tiverton, and attacked the man on Eaton Lane in the village.

Mr Briscoe added: "I think it's someone from the village… if they are carrying a knife around that is scary to think. Someone's got to know who it is.

"The field wRead More – Source