Factoring in climate protection


At the start of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue, experts and companies called for the climate to be factored into any planned economic stimulus and investment programmes.

Berlin (dpa) – The call for more climate protection, and that includes during the Coronavirus crisis, is becoming louder. Prior to the international climate talks which the Federal government is convening, more than 60 corporations have joined forces to call for economic stimulus and investment programmes to be “systematically given a climate-friendly thrust”. Gerhard Adrian,President of the German Meteorological Service (DWD), said: “It would be terrible if climate protection were to be consigned to a backseat given the fight against the virus.

How combatting the pandemic and the fight against climate change can be combined will be the topic of the Petersberg Climate Dialogue on Monday and Tuesday. For the first time, the annual top-level meeting will take place as a video conference. In addition to Germany, it is being hosted by Great Britain, because the next UN climate change conference is set to be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

At the Climate Dialogue ministers from some 30 countries will discuss “how the global community can emerge from the acute corona pandemic in a more crisis-proof and climate-friendly manner”, or so the Federal Ministry for the Environment announced. Speeches by Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, among stothers, are scheduled for Tuesday.