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Counter-protesters ‘intent on causing chaos’ run into Hyde Park


Dozens of counter-demonstrators ran into Hyde Park despite the Metropolitan Police trying to keep them separate from Black Lives Matter protesters.

Sky News correspondent Noel Phillips said a convoy of police tried to catch up with the counter-protesters – and said it appeared they were "intent on causing chaos and havoc".

"There was a small altercation we witnessed when they entered the park – they were fighting with a young person," he reported.

Image: A police convoy has been trying to catch up with the counter-protesters

A Black Lives Matter protest had been held in Hyde Park earlier on Saturday – but Phillips said many of those who were in the park at the time may not have been protesters, but people just trying to enjoy the sunshine.

"They were shaken, they were surprised, they were panicked when they saw these protesters enter the park," he added.


Counter-protesters, many of them from far-right groups, had gathered in Parliament Square on Saturday afternoon – claiming they had gathered to protect statues.

Many of those present were drinking and there were a number of clashes with police in riot gear as crowds chanted "England", with some throwing bottles and cans at officerRead More – Source