The LG Wing is a “T” shaped, dual-screen smartphone

  • The LG Wing. It has two screens. Android Authority
  • Using the finest computer simulations available, we have worked out how the hinge mechanism should function. Android Authority / Ron Amadeo
  • ETNews' mockup from earlier this year. A keyboard at the bottom would be interesting. ETNews
  • LG tried a similar idea on a feature phone before: the LG VX9400. LG

Well, you can't accuse LG of being afraid to try something new. LG's next phone is the completely wild-looking LG Wing, a dual-screen design that looks like it spins open into a "T" shape thanks to a rotating hinge. Android Authority scored a 10-second video of the device that provides solid proof that this crazy idea actually exists.

The first news of the Wing phone came from Korean site ETNews earlier this year, which reported an October launch date. The site only had a mockup of the device at the time, which now seems spot on. The report says the device has a 6.8-inch main display, a 4-inch secondary display with a nearly 1:1 aspect Read More – Source