ZTE announces the worlds first phone with a behind-the-screen camera

  • ZTE's official render, which shows a pristine display. There's a camera behind there somewhere. ZTE
  • In ZTE's official live footage, the camera still looks pretty invisible. ZTE
  • Another fleeting view from ZTE's official video. Nope, still not seeing a camera. ZTE
  • There's not much in the way of independent footage of this phone, but YouTuber AmazTech has thoughtfully pointed a flashlight at the display, which reveals the camera. AmazTech
  • A close-up shot of the camera shows what we were expecting: a darker portion of the display above the camera. It still looks great though. AmazTech
  • Another close-up shows the camera outline. This is something you'll probably see better at lower brightnesses. AmazTech
  • An all-angles shot. ZTE
  • This is not really important, but I have to point out that the Axon 20 5G box art features famous scientists, for some reason. Collect them all, I guess? ZTE
  • The prices. ZTE

ZTE has officially announced the world's first commercial phone with a behind-the-screen camera: the ZTE Axon 20 5G. Shrinking phone bezels have made locating the front camera a major design point of phones for the past few years. We've seen big camera notches, small camera notches, round camera cutouts, and pop-up cameras. Rather than any of those compromises, the under-display camera lets you just put the camera under the display, and by peering through the pixels, you can still take a picture. It's the holy grail of front-camera design.

As we've seen in explainers from Xiaomi, these under-display cameras work by thinning out the pixels above the display, either by reducing the number of pixels or by making the pixels smalRead More – Source