Macron on 5G: I dont believe in the Amish model


PARIS — President Emmanuel Macron today said France would adopt 5G despite recent controversies over its development raised by Green leaders.

“Were going to explain, to debate, to put an end to all the false ideas but yes, France will make the 5G shift,” Macron said, speaking at the France Digitale Day startup event at the Elysée Palace.

In an apparent swipe at 5G skeptics who believe the technology carries health hazards, Macron said “I dont believe in the Amish model and I dont believe that the Amish model can solve the challenges of the contemporary economy,” referring to the Christian sect in the U.S. known for its mistrust of modern technology.

More than 60 elected officials, including 38 mayors and several members of the French and European parliaments urged the French government to implement a temporary moratorium on 5G deployments in