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These are the universities affected by coronavirus outbreaks


At least 45 universities in the UK now have confirmed cases of COVID-19, and another two have suspected cases.

More than 865 coronavirus cases have been identified among students and staff since universities reopened, according to data collected by Sky News up to 29 September.

The total number of people self-isolating has risen above 3,540.

Manchester Metropolitan University has asked around 1,700 students to self-isolate after 127 cases were confirmed.

The University of Glasgow, the worst affected, has 172 confirmed cases, with 600 students self-isolating.


It has agreed to refund students one month of rent and provide a £50 payment for food. Food parcels to those in isolation will also be increased, along with the provision of cleaning materials, bedding and towels.

NHS Lothian confirmed that 120 students have tested positive at Edinburgh Napier University, with another five or more at Queen Margaret University and the University of Edinburgh combined.

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Another COVID-19 outbreak at Parker House in Dundee led to the quarantine of its 500 student residents from Abertay University and Dundee University.

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At least 68 of those students have tested positive so far in both universities, with another 16 at Abertay University's Meadowside Halls accommodation.

At the University of Liverpool, the tally of COVID-19 cases has risen from 87 to 108, according to the University and College Union (UCU).

Newcastle University and Northumbria University confirmed a least 62 coronavirus cases combined.

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Some universities have been told not to release the number of cases by public health officials.

A spokesperson for the University of Nottingham told Sky News: "Regional Public Health England is currently asking us not to release institutional data for a couple of reasons – they are keen not to confuse their formal weekly data releases but they are also mindful of undermining the message that in the East Midlands, COVID-19 is affecting all demographics and so all demographics should have responsibility to protect health and follow the rules.

"We are continuing to press the argument to PHE that we should be able to release data."

Around 40 universities have now reported cases of coronavirus and thousands of students are self-isolating to stop the spread of infection.
Anger grows over university lockdowns

In most of the affected universities, the proportion of students testing positive is a small part of the overall population.

Some universities have started to move courses online in response to a growing number of cases on campuses – first seen in Scotland, then in the rest of the country as more universities reopened.

The UCU has urged all universities to adopt remote learning, calling on the government to issue clear guidelines that force them to do so.

UCU's Scotland official Mary Senior told Sky News that staff at some universities have been pressured to offer a "substantial amount" of teaching hours in person.

"This is a real mess," she said.

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