Lenovo swings for the fences with unusual Tiger Lake laptop designs

Enlarge / The X1 Fold is aiming for the same basic target as the Samsung Galaxy Fold—but in a more laptop-ish form factor.Lenovo

Lenovo is following on Dell's heels with an announcement of two 13-inch Intel Tiger Lake powered laptops of its own—but Lenovo's new designs are considerably further "out there" than Dell's. Lenovo's two new designs are the X1 Nano—a traditional but ultralight laptop weighing in at less than two pounds—and X1 Fold, a not-exactly-laptop design with a folding screen. Yes, you read that right—the X1 Fold is to feature a folding LCD display, aiming at the same basic target Samsung did with the Galaxy Fold. Our own Ron Amadeo reviewed the Galaxy Fold in January and was very unimpressed, but it has been nearly a year, and Lenovo may well have figured out a few things that Samsung did not. We're reserving judgment on the X1 Fold until we can get one in our hands.

X1 Nano

  • Extremely thin laptop is extremely thin. Lenovo
  • We know some of y'all are excited about the arrow keys—but we're wincing in anticipation of stubbing fingertips on the nipplemouse in the middle of the keyboard. Lenovo
  • Right side: cooling vents and a power button. Lenovo
  • Left side: one 3.5mm audio headphone/mic jack, two Thunderbolt 4/USB-C ports. Lenovo
  • X1 Nano shows off its 180-degree hinge in this shot. Lenovo

The X1 Nano is a pretty straightforward design—it's extremely sleek and lightweight, but apart from that, it's a standard 13-inch laptop. It will be available in black, as shown above, with no further colors announced at this time.

It's worth stressing just how thin and lightweight the X1 Nano is, though—it's about 25-percent lighter than the XPS 13, and 10-percent thinner. Its keyboard has an uncompressed arrow key layout—but it also has the Thinkpad Trackpoint, which is usually either loved or hated with equal ferocity.

Rounding out the major differences, the X1 Nano has large cooling vents along the right side—a more lap- or blanket-friendly arrangement than the underside-only cooling vents on the XPS 13.

As far as ports go, the X1 Nano is even more minimalistic—you get two Thunderbolt 4/USB-C ports and a 3.5mm audio jack. That's it.

The X1 Nano will start at $1,400 and is expected to be available in Q4 2020.

X1 Fold

  • "I know this! This is a laptop!" Well, sort of. But Lenovo wants you to know it isn't really a laptop either. Except when it is. (Confusing, we know.) Lenovo
  • X1 Fold is seen here in a "tent" mode much like a two-in-one—with the key difference of a detached Bluetooth keyboard, and a presumably active display on the other side as well. Lenovo
  • Fully unfolded, the Fold's display is 4:3. We can also see the Bluetooth keyboard and included stylus. Lenovo
  • "I know this! This is a book!" The X1 Fold can display a novel on both halves of its screen, or different apps on each side of the fold. Lenovo
  • Close-up view of the Fold's (presumably) squishy LCD seam. Lenovo
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