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You’d expect markets to be volatile for the rest of the year as there is allsorts going on…..


My upcoming operation means it is the first time in 20 years I will be "Out for the count" for a while soon.

What to do? I reckon I will spend the week before the op having a good look at what I have and deciding whether to get rid, or some of. Or not!

Best way probably is pretend never to have seen the share before and decide would I buy it now? If not, why am I holding it? So there's a job for the weekend!

Everyone recovers differently – I might be back in action in days or it might be weeks. I am hoping for days.

At any rate I feel the shares I choose aren't the sort to really tank so worse comes to worse and am out for longer than I thought I hope it will all be ok.

You'd expect markets to be volatile for the rest of the year as there is allsorts going on.

As well as Covid there is the American election. And with the nutcase that is Trump around who knows what could happen to upset things.

For now after some downturn the markets feel in a bit of a rally mode. But who knows? Keep some cash back!

I've bought some TT Electronics (LON:TTG). A very decent company that appears to be well run.

Shares soared suddenly when it announced a partnership with iAbra to launch a Covid device.

It sounds exciting if it comes off as it would be a 20 second non invasive test which could be used at airports, sports events etc.

The shares then came right back down again after the market thought maybe there wasn't much in it.

It seems a great buy point as if there isn't anything in it the shares are probably aren't going to tank but if there is something in it the future there is that potential thrown in for nothing.

Away from that TTG is going well anyhow and just raised £20m for an acquisition that looks decent.

So I rather like this one and have bought quite a few personally. Could be some great upside to come with patience.

Managed to get some shares in TTG live at the seminar – and the trading plan we discussed was to trail a stop around 25p from the price targetting a ride back up to 270p.

I've made some great profits from Kingfisher (LON:KFG) and they have nearly doubled since I bought them and for the website back in the year.

After recent results I wondered whether to take profits but I liked the results a lot and instead of banking the gains I averaged up and bought more. Always better to average up than average down!

Kingfisher's results showed the lockdowns actually really boost sales – and on top of that debt has come down an awful lot too.

There seemed little profit taking on results and with strong results behind it, the shares could easily hit 350p in time.

Managed to get some new Kingfisher shares live at the zoom seminar. Stop was set at 270p and once it gets to say 320p push stop to breakeven.

I've added more ITV. The shares as they are look decent value despite the advertising downturn.

But the hidden assets here (studios/prog making etc) have always looked ripe for a bid so I am going to try and stick with them.

If a bidder comes forward I'd expect a bidding war and a winning bid I think would have to be 120p +. At the online seminar live added some more Clipper Logistics (LON:CLG) which I discussed in the last update.

It looks to be in the right area (logistics) at the right time and could have a lot further to run up.

The Times says today there is speculation that buyout funds are casting their eye over Clipper and there is bid chatter.

Of course take that with a pinch of salt but it is possible – it delivers for John Lewis, Asos and others so that could interest a rival.

If you fancy seeing me executing live trades and more I've set a date for the next online seminar for Nov 25th to give me plenty of time to recover from the operation. For details and costs mail me at [email protected]

The likely continued market volatility this year should cause spreadbetting firms to thrive so I added some more CMC (LON:CMCX) and I also bought into the biggest SB company IG Group (LON:IGG).

In the probable event of loads of ups and downs coming up – spreadbet firms thrive on punters betting wildly on the swings – they should all have very decent trading statements later in the year which could push their share prices up.

IG's share price tends to move easier than CMC's which ironically is itself volatile! That's only because the order book is thin so I wait for later in a day to top up when the spread is narrow and especially if the price has come back, It is not one to buy at 8am!

Plenty of excitement in gambling shares. I saw 888 pushing up so bought some more as there was a bid for William Hill. This also pushed up my stake in Flutter.

Then this week 888 announced spectacular results. Given this is one of my biggest holdings I was delighted and personally up more than £30,000. Website profits aren't too shabby either.

888 could end up being bid for itself so potentially a ton more upside!

I've shorted Trainline (LON:TRN) – for newcomers that means I have bet on the shares to come right off thRead More – Source