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‘Immoral trade in human beings’: UK slammed for deporting asylum seekers in return for Rwanda refugees


Priti Patel has been accused of taking part in an “immoral trade of human beings” after it emerged the UK will take in a number of refugees from Rwanda in return for deporting thousands of asylum seekers to the country.

Around 50 of the “most vulnerable refugees” in the African nation are to be resettled in Britain as part of a multi-million-pound deal agreed between the two countries last week, under which thousands of UK asylum seekers are set to be deported to Rwanda to have their claims considered there.

It has also emerged that modern slavery victims will be among those removed from Britain under the deal, despite the fact that the UK government condemned Rwanda for its failure to protect and support survivors of trafficking less than a year ago.

The document outlining the terms of the migration deal states that arrangements will be made for Britain to “resettle a portion of Rwanda’s most vulnerable refugees, recognising both participants’ commitment towards providing better international protection for refugees”.