Basketball Terms and Definitions

Basketball-Bundesliga 2021/22, Finale: ALBA Berlin gegen FC Bayern München

If you’re just starting to learn the game of basketball, you may find the terminology confusing. While some terms are simple to understand, others are quite obscure. For example, the word “assist” in basketball doesn’t mean the same thing as it does in everyday language. In basketball, an assist is a player’s pass that makes it possible for another player to score a basket. This type of pass is also known as a “dish.”

A basketball player who scores many points is considered a “bucket.” In basketball, players can also dunk on someone who’s in the lane. In addition, the term “bunny hop” means a high jumper.

Inbounds pass

The inbounds pass is one of the many passing terms used in basketball. It is a quick pass that travels in a straight line. It is important for the player receiving the pass to ensure that their opponent cannot block their way. If the pass is not made correctly, the receiver may be caught in midair by the defender. Other terms that can be used in basketball include the fast break, foul, and the field goal.

The inbounds pass can set up a rewarding offensive series for your team. But it requires some practice to be effective at this type of pass. Often, an inbound pass occurs after a foul, a dead ball, or an out-of-bounds pass. It can also occur when a player stands out of bounds. In either case, the team that does not receive an inbounds pass must call a timeout to continue the game. Otherwise, it will be considered a turnover.

Between the legs dribble

The between-legs dribble in basketball is an advanced dribble that creates an angle that makes it difficult for a defender to catch up to the ball. This technique requires a player to have strong quads and flexible hamstrings. The player must also have good timing and rhythm to make the move successfully.

The between-legs dribble can be used to create space, move the ball from hand to hand, and set up an offensive move. This dribble is most effective in half-court situations. When dribbling in this position, it is best to avoid dribbling above knee level.

Double dribble

The double dribble in basketball is one of the most fundamental skills that players should learn. It allows players to dribble and block several times without passing the ball, which puts pressure on the opposing team’s defense. It also forces defenses to commit resources to a star player, who often keeps the ball for most of the game.

The double dribble is similar to the travel dribble. Both methods involve a player’s hand being under the ball for an extended period of time while in motion. Double dribbles are under-called in many NBA games, but fans should know what they are.

Out-of-bounds pass

A basketball player’s pass that goes outside the playing area is called an “out-of-bounds pass.” An “out-of-bounds pass” is a shot from outside the playing area. This type of shot is used to get the ball to the opposing team. There are many ways that a ball can go out of bounds. It can be thrown from outside the baseline or sidelines. It can also be caught in mid-air by an opponent. It’s important to remember that an out-of-bounds pass is an illegal pass. Whether or not the opposing player gets a hand on the ball, it’s still considered an out-of-bounds pass.