Snowboarding Facts – History Styles

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Snowboarding has evolved from a simple watersport to a global phenomenon that is now gaining worldwide acceptance. Learn about the history of the sport and the history of snowboarding, from the invention of modern snowboards to Shaun White’s double McTwist 1260. This article provides interesting facts about snowboards and the people behind the sport, including Tom Sims, Shaun White, and Jake Burton Carpenter.

Modern snowboards were invented by Tom Sims

Tom Sims is considered the founder of snowboarding. At age seven, he built skateboard prototypes for the snow and began experimenting with the sport. By the early 1970s, he had developed a skateboard-like board that he dubbed a skiboard. He and his friends would sneak onto snow-filled fairways in New Jersey and ride their boards. Sims eventually moved to Santa Barbara, California, where he continued his pioneering work.

Sims was born in Los Angeles, California, and was a former skateboard and snowboard world champion. He was married to Hilary Sims and had three children from a previous marriage. He was Step-father to his two daughters. Although Sims was no longer directly involved in the snowboard industry, his wife Hilary still manages the business. Sims’ children, Sarah and Shane, are still active members of the snowboarding community.

Sims’ innovations revolutionized the sport of snowboarding. He developed bindings that folded down at the heels and toes, metal edges, and rounded tails. He also created the first all-mountain snowboard and a women’s snowboard. Sims’ team also featured Terry Kidwell, Craig Kelly, and Shaun Palmer.

Shaun White’s double McTwist 1260

Shaun White’s double McTwister 1260 has been called a breakthrough move in snowboarding. This jump combines three turns and two rolls into one air jump. The trick requires incredible commitment and spinning. It was first seen in 2010 at the Vancouver Olympics and is now a trademark move. Shaun White has also hinted that another move could be on the way.

The Double McTwist 1260 is a crazy snowboard trick that involves flipping diagonally twice in the air and then spinning for three and a half rotations. It is a complex and high-risk move and was created by Shaun White. He has performed this trick in competitions and has won numerous gold medals.

Burton Boards founder Jake Burton Carpenter

The modern snowboard was invented by Burton Boards founder Jake Burton Carpenter, also known as Jakie. Born and raised in Cedarhurst, New York, Jake was an American snowboarder. He founded Burton Snowboards in the mid-1970s, and is considered one of the most influential snowboarders in history.

Jake Carpenter was born in New York City on April 29, 1954, the son of an investment banker. He attended the Brooks School in North Andover, Mass., and the Marvelwood School in Cornwall, Connecticut. After completing his education, he enrolled in the University of Colorado at Boulder. He hoped to join the ski team there, but a tragic accident ended his competitive ski career. He eventually went on to attend New York University and earned a degree in economics. He eventually settled in Stowe, Vermont, where he and his family had three sons.

In 2011, Carpenter was diagnosed with testicular cancer. After treatment, he was in remission. However, the cancer has returned. Despite his challenges, he continued to inspire his employees and keep the company moving forward.