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Stamp Duty Calculator


There are a few different ways to calculate Stamp duty. Traditionally, it was calculated on the full purchase price. The new system calculates it on a percentage of the property’s value. If you are looking to purchase a home in the UK, you will have to pay Stamp duty on at least a portion of it.

Stamp duty is a tax that applies when you buy a property in the UK. It used to be based on the total price of the property, but now, it’s calculated on a percentage. If you’re planning to buy a second home, you’ll pay an extra 3%. The good news is that stamp duty is not a prohibitive amount, and it can be easily minimized. In some cases, it’s possible to reduce the amount you pay by negotiating with the seller to reduce the price. In addition, you can also transfer part of the value of the property to a spouse or partner by transferring the deeds. Also, if you’re buying a property from your deceased loved one, you don’t have to pay Stamp Duty on the market value.

If you’re a first-time buyer, there are various schemes available. Some high street lenders offer mortgages with a minimum of PS300,000. You can also consider a government guarantee scheme. This scheme is designed to encourage more first-time buyers to purchase a property. The scheme covers homes worth PS600,000. However, it’s important to note that you can’t use it for second homes, buy-to-let property, or new-builds. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the Low-cost Initiative for First-Time Buyers in Scotland to purchase a property off the open market or from a housing association or council.


Using a Stamp Duty Calculator is a great way to determine the amount of tax you must pay when buying a property. Stamp Duty is a government tax that is applied to the purchase of a residential property in the UK. It was first introduced in 1694 to help fund the war effort. Although it is an ongoing expense for many people, the good news is that you are paying less than you were a century ago.

This calculator is not a substitute for the help of a solicitor, but you can use it to estimate how much stamp duty you will pay on your property. It’s important to remember, however, that the calculator is only an estimate. You should still seek a quote from a broker or lender to get a more accurate quote.


Several trade associations have called for the Chancellor to extend the stamp duty holiday to all properties, including second homes and additional properties. The stamp duty holiday is due to expire on 31 March and may make some purchases unaffordable, threatening the housing market. However, the move is welcomed by buy-to-letters. It is likely to reduce SDLT by more than a third in many cases.

This measure is intended to keep the housing market buoyant and protect consumers from the financial effects of COVID-19. The Stamp Duty Holiday was first announced in July 2020 by Chancellor Rishi Sunak. Later, it was extended to 31 March 2021 and again to the end of June and September 2021. The government is expecting to save housebuyers up to $20230.