Causes of Suicidal Tendencies among Youth


There are several factors that can contribute to suicidal tendencies among youth. These include family adversity, adolescent mental health problems, and social isolation. Regardless of the cause, there are effective methods to help prevent suicide.

Research has found that youths who have a supportive family and strong connections are less likely to think about suicide. They can also help kids deal with stress and challenges in a non-violent way.

Studies have shown that kids who are adopted or have spent time in foster care are more likely to be exposed to adversity. The loss of a parent or caregiver can increase the risk of suicide. Additionally, depression and mood disorders are common risk factors. If you believe that your teen is considering suicide, it is important to get them the care they need. Getting immediate help can prevent suicide, build a better future, and reduce the need for suicide attempts.

The risk of suicide for adolescents can increase if they are experiencing extreme anger. They may be aggressive, have a history of substance abuse, or have experienced some form of trauma. Other risk factors include poverty, psychiatric comorbidity, bullying, and loss of stable housing.

Adolescents who are thinking about suicide are often reluctant to speak about their feelings with an intervenor. Instead, they might resent the person who helped them. However, it is important to talk to your child. A doctor or a crisis center can give you advice. Keep your appointment and stay in touch.